Thursday, December 26, 2013

Rock Islands Tour- Palau

WOW! Thats all I can say about our day... it was truly amazing...We took a boat tour of the rock islands and did some snorkeling too. Jack was an AMAZING little snorkeler!!! SO impressive.. he loved it and was able to breathe through the snorkel just fine. Max didn't wear the snorkel, but did put on a mask and get some back rides in the water. We also got him to put his face in the water to check out the jellyfish and sharks... he loved it! These are all pictures taken today on our adventure!

 Jack and I checking out the jellyfish
 Family Photo with jellyfish at our feet.
 Max on Bryans back, getting a ride..

 jack was SO comfortable in the water... and with the fish... although he screamed in his snorkel when he saw the first shark!

 max pooped out the middle of our jellyfish lake snorkeling and fell asleep on our guide... he probably slept in the water for 20 min.. then was carried out to the boat and slept some more.. crazy kid!

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Amy said...

Loved how Jack slept in the water. What a great vacation. Safe travels and Happy New Year


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