Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Abu Dhabi {day 3}

Today was another superb day! Max finally slept past five, so we got a later start on the day. We headed out for some market shopping and lunch this morning. We are getting good at the local buses here! They are segregated with the women in the front and the men in the back, but they aren't so big, so we are able to see each other and get the right stop. The bus is super cheap though, so we are trying to use them when we can. We met Gregg back here at his place then headed out on the evening desert safari that we had booked.

 The boys were in the sand {and covered in it!} from the moment we got out of the car.

 We visited a camel farm

 took in the views from this high point..
 Jack rolled down the hills, made sand angels and LOVED every second of this day.

 we were in a caravan of SUV's going over and around the dunes. I was not expecting it to be such a thrill {or terror} ride...Poor Max didn't like it... Jack LOVED it though. We made it to the camp where we got to have a short camel ride.
 the camp where we had dinner
 The boys got to sled on the dunes
 my first henna tattoo... This photo still has all the henna on. I'll take another photo of the tattoo tomorrow.

 They had traditional dress to put on... even small sizes.

 They boys crashed on the way home.. unfortunately we had to wake them up to shower because they each had a pound of sand on them ;o)
happy Monday!

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This looks like so much fun!


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