Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 1: Abu Dhabi

We left Hong Kong late afternoon on Friday. We arrived here in Abu Dhabi at Greggs house around 4am local time.. 8am Hong Kong time. The boys were amazing travelers, and it was great to have a friend pick us up at the airport! We are staying with Bryans former roommate {before me!} in his large two bedroom place here. Its bigger than our home, so it feels spacious!
Max totally spaced out eating and watching tv on the plane.
 A local fruit and veg market this morning.

 It also sold dates. I ate two samples... that was more dates that I had eaten in the past five years {combined!} the chocolate covered ones were so yummy!

 Then we headed down to check out the board walk and beach.

 we found a playground... the boys were happy

 We went to one of Gregg's favorite places for lunch. We ordered way too much, so had the same thing as leftovers for dinner. SO good... and fresh..

 Some city views...

We also got to visit Gregg's school and a mall nearby. we took an evening walk around where he lives and made some plans for tomorrow. He's got great, fast internet, so I'm updating now while I have the chance... very tired... off to bed!
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