Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dubai, Final Day

Okay, wrapping up the vacation today.. we leave for the airport in about 6 hours... going to try and get a bit of sleep... we will be able to nap tomorrow though, as we have a 1 hour flight, then a 10 hour flight back to HK... Looking forward to going home, but what a trip it's been!! AMAZING!!! Today we packed in as much as possible. The hotel offered a free shuttle to the beach {at 8:30 am!!!} so we were on that... from there we took in all the markets, GOLD, SPICE, PERFUME and TEXTILE. The boys were great even though it wasn't that exciting for them. We then headed to the Dubai Fort and museum, SO interesting and a great history of Dubai. And to end the day, we made our way to the Global Village, which has shops and food from around the world. It was pretty interesting..

 The boys will take a good picture if I let them take an action shot as well ;o)

 oh and the Global VIllage had an ice skating show, outside, in the desert?

 and I will end with my market finds of the day.... Marsala curry powder, cinnamon, a floor poof case {we have to stuff it} 10 yards of chiffon, earrings, and two tubes of henna tattoo ;o)

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