Thursday, June 21, 2012

summer update #1

I'm just going to title our posts like this for the summer :o) Keep it simple and then I can put up a variety of pictures. here's our week so far in IA with the Thompsons.
 We had a ton of fun at one of Des MOines' splash pads on Tues.

 Fun with the car track...

 Race track down the driveway!

 Fun times with Grandma!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Max and Jack go to a Party...

We had a really fun week last week. On Tues. we headed over to a friends for playtime and lunch.

 Then on Friday a friend of Jack had a 4th birthday party. The girls were a bit more into the party than my boys, but everyone had a really fun morning.

 And this is how Max felt at the end of the party... :o)
 Today we headed out to Stanley for a little shopping...Max got some new shades...
 And finally...tonight we met up with several other families. To say good-bye to some who are leaving Hong Kong for good... and to say hello to our friends the Ablines who are back to visit after leaving three years ago.

Monday, June 4, 2012

the UGGGG face...

 Max makes this VERY intense face.. usually while trying to grab large chunks of my facial skin or neck...We tried to get a good shot of this face the other was hard to get it replicated on film... but you get the idea!
 Today Jack and I made a countdown chain to when we leave for summer
 Jack is NOT into having his picture taken.

 And fresh out of the shower... just because I think these two are pretty cute! :o)


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