Sunday, November 27, 2011


This past Fri/Sat we headed out to one of our favorite beaches to do some camping. We had one friend and her two boys join us for the day and another friend came with her three boys. It was a lot of little boys running around! Jack is on the bus with his buddies Ben and Isaiah.
Playing on the beach.. kids in the water... moms bundled up in sweatshirts :o)
max "helping" with the fire pit
Making some lunch
SO fun to have friends join us.
 Hike up the hill by the beach

 If only the babies would have stayed on this mat, ha!

 Jack and Bryan emerging from the tent in the morning.
Not sure what Max was upset about....

 Making breakfast: pancakes, eggs and bacon.
 Dirty Max!
 The babies!
 The boys enjoying the beach in the morning.
 Hiking out from our campsite. If you can imagine... this is us about 20 lbs lighter in gear that when we came the day before ;o)
 We finished off the campout with a great pizza lunch in Sai Kung

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hong Kong Krazies-Mong Kok Market

 Dear Mong Kok Market,
We love the fact that you have so much variety and you can find nearly anything in your crowded, narrow streets. We love the fact that when the price quoted is $280, you can offer $50 and have your offer accepted. We love the randomness of the wares offered and the cheap prices (and quality). You offer some items that just can't be found anywhere else. Where else can you find umbrellas that look like water bottles or chili pepper key chains or wigs?
But, really... putting yourself in the most densely population place on the whole earth? We don't love that. The crowds and the pushing, we don't love that... Inappropriate sayings on street signs? we don't really love that. Sunglasses that break after one day (which Bryan may or may not have experienced first hand!), thats a bit much...
Don't worry, we will keep coming back, you have us hooked. We love to look around and always find one or two things to take home. So keep up the good work, keep those streets super crowded and the quality low, and the prices cheap, we will be back!

Friday, November 18, 2011

a service trip

Yesterday I had the oppotunity to give back a bit. I love doing this, especially around the holidays when I feel So blessed, its nice to do something for others. A moms group that I attend did a service morning for organization here called Crossroads. Basically they collect used goods from Hong Kong and then match those with needs all over the world. They send out a shipment or two every week! They also have a beautiful coffee shop and fair trade store.
 They provided childcare, so it was a perfect opportunity for me! My son Jack is checking out the ox cart with his friend. First, we had beautiful cappuccinos at the Silk Road Cafe.

 I was assigned to the local distribution office where goods are given to the needy of Hong Kong. I spent the morning contacting social workers to remind them of the appointments of their cases. It wasn't quite was I was thinking I would be doing, but was a need, so I was glad to help. I took a few pictures on the base. LOTS of containers waiting to be shipped out or filled.
 The ministry has expanded in recent years to also provide simulation experiences about life in poverty. I have seen a few of there programs and they really make you appreciate your blessings and see poverty through the eyes of those who live it each day.
 We were were finished I got to make a quick run through the store. I LOVE that place... I really just needed one thing for a Chirstmas gift, but I did snap a few pictures. They have handicrafts from around the world.

I'm also really excited for another project we will be doing soon. Crossroads is partnering with the store Lane Crawford to make blankets. you can go into any store here and pick up a kit with needles and yarn to knit a 8x8 square which will then be sewn into blankets. I'm going to go pick up enough for our entire moms group to knit during our Christmas tea. What a fun way to give!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rub a Dub Dub!


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