Monday, January 19, 2009

our week...

Another week has flown by, where to the days go. I'm at home with a baby and not even that busy and time just flies! We have been having a blast with our gorgeous little boy, he is so much fun these day. Chewing on everything and drooling like a maddog, we are hoping for some teeth soon :o) We've gotten out the cold teething ring and its a big hit!

We went on a long hike on Sat. The first two pictures we are in a bamboo forest, so beautiful! jack did great in the backpack. Took two naps and we only had to stop once for him to eat. The day was perfect for a hike!

Picnic in the park after Church on Sunday, the weather was amazing this weekend!

Jack learning a new appreciation for literature, good texture he thinks!

Playing in his saucer. At the beginning of this video he is looking at himself in a mirror. Is he vain or what? ;o)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back in Hong Kong...

After a wonderful Christmas break, its been nice getting back into the swing of life here. The weather was beautiful when we first got back, but has now cooled off a bit. Still better than WI, so I am not complaining :o) Jack is back on HK time and doing well. We borrowed a few new toys from a friend, so he is enjoying playing with/in them.

Mom's sleepy boy, so sweet!

The Johnny Jump up.. Jack LOVES to bounce, but hasn't quite figured out that he can bounce in this... He mostly just sits, although its good while I'm working in the kitchen, gives him a place to be.

Yesterday we had lunch at Christines, here are Josiah and Jack sharing a toy nicely :o)

Trying (somewhat unsuccessfully) to get a picture of the three boys. 4,6,8 months...

Jack laying in a bed of roses, literally, as this is a mattress with roses on it :o)

we went hiking on Sunday, Jack was awake for awhile, then took a nice nap!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year! In HK we will soon be welcoming in the year of the OX, goodbye Rat :o) We had a wonderful holiday season back in the US. However, I have too many pictures to choose some to post, so here are links to view them... I am going to post a few group shots though. Love and blessings to all!


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