Monday, September 23, 2013

Mid Autumn Festival Weekend

Bryan and Jack had Friday off, so we've had a really nice long weekend. As I post this tonight a typhoon is headed our way, so not sure if we will have another day off tomorrow. We will see, Bryan doesn't think school will be cancelled.. I am kind of hoping it will be :o) Thursday night was the mid autumn festival here, we spent the evening with our friends at the lantern festival.
Max chose a bunny and Jack a fish for their lanterns this year.

 Jack and Malcolm...
 Three families and eight boys... getting a good picture... impossible!

 We did get a decent family shot, always makes me happy...
 the festival is always on a full moon night, this year was suppose to be the largest in 9 years...

We had a relaxing morning on friday...with a lunch at Subway...
In the afternoon we headed to the pool.


Saturday we headed out to a new beach and had a blast with the sea, sun and kayaking..

 Sunday we had a little party for Max, he will be three on Wed... wow!
We had a Curious George makes Pancakes theme... I attempted to make the cake look like a stack of pancakes.

 making pancakes for dinner.

and to update.. I didn't finish this until the morning... there is no school for kids and Bryan was able to be home until 9:30...
its a rainy day!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

random photos...

The weekend flew by and I didn't update this blog... so here we go!
First, my mom leaves for Amani Baby Cottage in less than two weeks. Please pray for her African adventure...  you can follow along on her blog
she promises to update frequently!!! I will hold her to it as we will miss being able to talk and Skype with her while she is away!!! :o)
ok... tons of photos coming your way... Last week... we played with the boys after school... I just love these three.. friends since birth! impossible to get a good shot of all three!

 This one is pretty good!

 The boys loving daddy... we picked him up at the train station after work to take dinner to a friend..

 my crazy boys on a pretty empty train one morning...
 Dinner with our friends the Whites friday evening... Jack and Josiah were silly.
 Saturday Bryan and I saw an early morning movie and went out for Indian buffet afterwards. The boys enjoyed their first BOY sitter.
 I took a detour to the fabric markets on the way home to stock up for a few projects...

 Saturday night we biked to Shatin for dinner...

 These two are SO hard to get a good photo together!

 Jack picks these flowers off the ground for me every sunday after church... they do smell amazing!
 Little boy, huge burger... {it was off the kids menu!!}
 The public housing estate across from us has a fun new playground... yesterday after school we played with friends.
 Mid-Autumn Festival is this coming Thur. night. Our estate had a little party last weekend... Watching a martial arts demonstration...

 And some fun at the party Monday after the morning run...

 Giving the old person playground a try...
 watching the "show"... which consisted of banging blocks together, very loudly!! Yikes..
there you have it, all caught up!!!


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