Sunday, April 28, 2013

Laaaalaaaa & ARGGGGG

Its a relaxing Sunday here... Bryan is visiting a friend in the hospital, the two little ones are sleeping and Jack and I are watching an IDOL re-run....
Yesterday however, was a busy and fun day! In the morning was Jacks Kindergarten Spring concert...Can you find Jack!?
All the kids in R1
 The two classes that Jack's teacher has. Morning and afternoon classes.
 And finally the whole kindergarten performed the last song together.... cuteness!
We then went home for naps.... AND then got to go to Josiah's fifth birthday party {where did those 5 years go?} It was a pirate theme and our two boys had a ball!!! They can't stop talking about how much fun it was!

Happy Weekend to you!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

another week...

Time flies when you are having fun... and it seems time also flies when life is busy with normal things too :o) Here are a few photos from our last week..

 We moved the boys room around so now they have "bunk beds" and lots more room to play where the crib used to be...

 Eating birthday cake for moms birthday...

 Finger painting... Max didn't love it...

a new week is just around the corner... more fun to be had! Love to all!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me {my new phone}

So... Bryan and I are pretty cheap about some things.... one of those has been our phones... We have had the cheapest models and plans for years now... {I paid $15 for my phone (literally) and had a $10 per month package that had unlimited texting and all the minutes I needed} Since we dont even have a home phone we have been going cheap in the phone area...EVERYONE here has smartphones... and one of the reasons is that you can get a data plan here for a very reasonable price... So... for our birthdays Bryan and I broke down and got each other phones and upgraded plans.I did a little research and got one with a good camera... so todays post is phones and a video from my new phone... Happy Birthday to me :o)
At a birthday party last weekend for a boy in Jacks class at school.

 Jack had a little birthday envy :o)
 Lunch at IKEA on Sunday...

 Playing outside after school today... the sun is shinning... its been weeks!! :o)
 Bubble meltdown :o)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break 2013: Guilin and Yangshou, China

We took several hundred photos... So I will try to keep this post from keeping miles long :o) Our week in China was really, really fun! We traveled with our friends and their two kids. The girls were 4 and 6 and our boys loved having the traveling companions along for the trip. 

Photos from the sleeper bus. We were on the top bunk, there is another layer just like this below us. Hard to really see what it was like... we were at the back of the bus..
arrived to rainy weather... the kids didn't mind... but, they were wet and muddy the whole week, so hard to keep them out of the puddles. :o)
Our first hotel

We ate lots of good food.
The biggest naan bread ever! :o)
Fir Lake at night...
seeing the rice terraces. 500 years old wow!

a little local lunch...
A boat down the Li river

at a cave with funny lights and our second hotel
hiking moon hill...

checking out yangshou
They claim this is the worlds oldest banyan tree (1500 years)!
we traveled with Sarah and her family... so fun!
some shopping and yummy breakfast food!

The boys and their giraffe souvenirs that kept them busy for hours!
Bike trip!
Another great local lunch.. this was called farmers food :o)
Max couldn't hang on any longer!

Night tour to see the birds fish.

We did this our second day, so this is out of order, but we went to these amazing natural hot springs. the kids loved it! We stayed away from the 50 degree C pool (122 degrees F) and opted for the cooler, less cooking yourself options! ;o)
There was even a slide into a cool pool.


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