Tuesday, February 28, 2012


 We made Jack a play razor by gluing the cap on a disposable one. He loves to "shave" with dad!
All three boys in the tiny bathroom!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hong Kong Krazies-big buildings...

 I took these photos in the fall when my parents were here. We took a bus tour of Hong Kong Island (the original skyline area and financial district)

 Always lots of construction. Currently they are working on reclaiming some of the harbor to create a park and boardwalk area.

Some residential buildings.

buses at an intersection

Saturday, February 18, 2012

could they be any cuter?

here are a few pictures of Jack and his friends on Kindergarten interview day!

 Jack, Malcolm and Ian... we miss JOSIAH!!!!
 We took the kids out afterwards for some IKEA playroom fun... with a quick stop at the coffee shop for the moms!
these four.... plus four other teachers kids will all be in the same class next year (split into two sections) fun and crazy, right?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

a week in review

 Most of these pictures are actually from over a week ago, but I haven't posted them...
 While Bryan was gone we tried to stay busy! We had friends over for play and lunch one day...
 Did some decorating for Valentines day... (you can see more on this on my other blog)
 Bought a new table... The boys were MORE than willing to HELP me put it together. We started right before bed time, so I let them play for awhile, then I put them down and finished it... alone (much more successful than with the two boys around!)

 Trying to keep Max busy while I did some sewing... He likes to push every button on my sewing machine (while I'm sewing!)
and... last night I hosted a Mom's Night In... for our moms group. We had a smaller group, but it was so fun. We had dinner and watched the movie Babies. I had never seen it, so cute!!! The kid in Mongolia was my favorite :o)
How was YOUR week?

Saturday, February 4, 2012


 We bought a new computer chair and had some fun with the box.
My visions of a fun project with the boys quickly turned into a disaster as Max destroyed as quickly as I built :o) Keeping the sharp knife away from both of them was a challenge...and in the end they played with it for all of ten minutes before they started jumping on it to smash it... oh boys!
 good thing I snapped a few pictures while it was still in one piece (kind of)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

trip to vietnam

I've posted a lot of photos!!! Although they just touch the surface of how many we have from the trip. We had a great week in Vietnam with Cami and seeing Hanoi and Sapa
 A day in Hanoi

 Jacks Lion face

 Outside Camis apartment
 Waiting for the train.
 Overnight train to Sapa

 Foggy, chilly  Sapa :o)

 Sleeping boys!
 I love this one!!!

 We did a 6 mile hike this day... through beautiful rice fields (that we could barely see!) and villages.

 One picture with everyone awake!

 back in Hanoi. Boat ride...
 Noodle lunch...max is SO excited.


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