Saturday, February 11, 2012

a week in review

 Most of these pictures are actually from over a week ago, but I haven't posted them...
 While Bryan was gone we tried to stay busy! We had friends over for play and lunch one day...
 Did some decorating for Valentines day... (you can see more on this on my other blog)
 Bought a new table... The boys were MORE than willing to HELP me put it together. We started right before bed time, so I let them play for awhile, then I put them down and finished it... alone (much more successful than with the two boys around!)

 Trying to keep Max busy while I did some sewing... He likes to push every button on my sewing machine (while I'm sewing!)
and... last night I hosted a Mom's Night In... for our moms group. We had a smaller group, but it was so fun. We had dinner and watched the movie Babies. I had never seen it, so cute!!! The kid in Mongolia was my favorite :o)
How was YOUR week?

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The Paines said...

Aww. . great photos! Thanks for sharing, I love seeing those everyday moments. Not sure how you can sew with little Max (:


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