Sunday, March 30, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa Visit

We were so blessed to have Grandma and Grandpa Thompson visit this past week. It was Spring Break week for Bryan and Jack and so was the perfect week for a visit. The weather was amazing and we did something fun everyday. 
 We went to Macau to see the old Spanish part of Town, have lunch by the beach and see the amazing House of the Dancing Waters show.

 We spent some time in the Mong Kok Markets
 Ate a big pizza
 Rode the Star Ferry
 Ate lunch in Sai Kung after the guys went golfing

 Spent an afternoon at the beach. Had a lovely lunch and the boys went crazy in the sand.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Field trip to the farm {or garden}

Jack's class at school has been studying gardens/farms for the last month and today they took a field trip to a "farm". To me it was more of a garden, but the kids had a blast... so it doesn't really matter what it was called. We took a bus from school WAY up north in Hong Kong almost to China, then had to walk about 15 min through a few villages until we came to our destination. The boys were all in the Leaf Vein Fossil group so we started with that activity, then did a few other gardening activities. It was all in Cantonese, and I had a hard time focusing, but the kids did okay. They had a blast and came home filthy, so that's what matters! ;o)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Beat the Banana

Jack has been asking to run in a race for a few months.  Several months ago I started looking for a kids race that he could run and I found the Beat the Banana race. They have 3 and 5K races for adults and teens and a 1K for kids. I thought this was a good place to start. It was kind of pricey, so we only registered Jack and not Max too, but the $ goes towards cancer research and I'm happy to give money to that cause. Bryan got to run with Jack and get a t-shirt as part of the registration as well. They "trained" for this race by running 3/4 of a mile every other day in the few weeks leading up to the race. The goal of this whole charity race is the same as the name. BEAT THE BANANA. Which for the kids race was a kid in a banana suit who started first... if you finished ahead of him you got a medal that said, "I beat the banana" and if he beat you your medal said, "the banana beat me!".  There was a glitch with the race... and the the kid in the banana suit didn't run the whole way. I have no idea, but he just went out a bit, then turned around and came back? so... they gave all the kids medals that said I BEAT THE BANANA and Jack was thrilled... He and Bryan ran the 1K in about 5 min and had a blast. Enjoy! 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Love these boys

I didn't get the boys out of the house the other day... by lunch they were bouncing off the walls {or the couch!}
 Jack did a little art on Max...

 Bryan took the boys to the Lego movie two weeks ago. Jack has been creating non-stop since then. Its been so fun to watch!
 Max gets in the game every once in awhile. In these photos they are creating a zoo.
 I'm doing a post for Crayola on Monday. The boys and I made some fun art. Getting a final photo...
 We did get a few good ones.

And this afternoon we spent some time at the park.. I hadn't take park photos in a while.


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