Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Beat the Banana

Jack has been asking to run in a race for a few months.  Several months ago I started looking for a kids race that he could run and I found the Beat the Banana race. They have 3 and 5K races for adults and teens and a 1K for kids. I thought this was a good place to start. It was kind of pricey, so we only registered Jack and not Max too, but the $ goes towards cancer research and I'm happy to give money to that cause. Bryan got to run with Jack and get a t-shirt as part of the registration as well. They "trained" for this race by running 3/4 of a mile every other day in the few weeks leading up to the race. The goal of this whole charity race is the same as the name. BEAT THE BANANA. Which for the kids race was a kid in a banana suit who started first... if you finished ahead of him you got a medal that said, "I beat the banana" and if he beat you your medal said, "the banana beat me!".  There was a glitch with the race... and the the kid in the banana suit didn't run the whole way. I have no idea, but he just went out a bit, then turned around and came back? so... they gave all the kids medals that said I BEAT THE BANANA and Jack was thrilled... He and Bryan ran the 1K in about 5 min and had a blast. Enjoy! 

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