Friday, June 17, 2011

Hong Kong June Recap

We took a field trip to the beach with Christines playgroup... I will be taking over next year and wanted a chance to get to know the kids.
A friend who used to live in Hong Kong was back acting in a show! A few of us were able to go to see it, very funny and great to see Audry again.
Saying Good-Bye... A few teachers are leaving HK for good. We had lunch last weekend with the Driegers to say farewell.
 Jack enjoying a few hong kong treats. Mango jelly juice...
 Meat on a stick :o)
 Lunch with friends after a hard morning swimming.
 Max LOVES this playmobil person.

 So tasty!
 A few former students over for dinner...
Now we are off to the USA! Good by Hong Kong, hello America!

Monday, June 13, 2011

What's the matter with Jack?

 We had a final lunch and play time with the three boys last Friday. We tried to take some pictures, but Jack got progressively less happy... and there seemed to be no reason. The pictures are funny :o)

Friday, June 10, 2011

We're back....

 I took most this week off from blogging here after the obsessiveness of last week :o) but I'm back now with a few videos and pictures from the week. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm finished! Its Sunday!

Its been quite a week! I've enjoyed being intentional with photo taking and really noticing how we/I spend my time. I may do more reflecting on this later... On to Sunday
6:40 Jack up. Bryan takes him. He has been up for awhile. All the resting yesterday didn’t make for a good nights sleep.
7:45 Max wakes, I got to sleep in with him, nice! I feed him then we get up.
Bryan and Jack are just sitting down to breakfast and Bryan has done the dishes, great!
8:00 we all work on getting dressed and ready for church. Make a sandwich for Jack after church, change a VERY poopy diaper of Max, eat and we are ready to leave just before nine.
9:00 grab the mini bus outside our building. Get off at the train station and walk over to the “big bus” as Jack says. 15 min. ride to church.
9:30 Jack to his class, max asleep in the carrier. Great sermon on the things in life that weigh us down (sin) and we need to eliminate.
10:45 service over, meet up with our good friend Cami who is in town for the weekend. Max awake. Walk over to the train. Grab a few things at the grocery store. Take the train downtown for lunch. Jack falls asleep on the way to lunch.
12:00 get to lunch at Nomads (a Mongolian BBQ place) Jack wakes up to eat.

1:15 leave lunch, walk to train (15 min). Max napping on the way home.
2:00 arrive home. Max has slept on the way home.
2:30 head down to the pool. Its HOT out there!
3:30 back home. Try to put Max down, but although he seems sleepy doesn’t go down. I head out for a foot massage in town.
3:45 Bryan and boys play at home. Max takes a short nap, they play with trains.
5:30 I come home… Jack asleep on couch… too short of a nap earlier I guess :o) We will wake him shortly.
5:45 Bryan wakes up Jack.. he is VERY crabby until he eats some dinner.
6:15 out the door for a family run. Bryan pushes the boys and I get to run free… helps us go more at the same pace. So HOT out there, but a good sweat.
7:00 finish run. I head over to the store to grab what I forgot yesterday, bryan takes Jack biking.
7:45 I arrive home, boys still out. Put away groceries, shower.
8:00 Boys home, all shower. We make popcorn for a snack. I spill it all over the floor trying to pick up Max. We pick it up and eat it :o)
8:30 just hanging out.. nice evening and day with the family. Max has learned to go from his tummy back to sitting today!
8:45 Now.. I’m posting this. Afterwards we will put the boys down. Its been a great week, thanks for joining us! :o)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Its the weekend! Saturday.

6:30 Jack crawls in bed (its been a early week for him!) Bryan is already up, but he comes back in to wake up with us.
6:45 Max wakes up… we all get up.
7:00 I’m trying to catch up on my blogging from yesterday :o) Boys are playing with dad.
7:30 feed max, change his diaper. Bryan brushes Jacks teeth and makes him breakfast, does dishes (what a great Sat. morning routine!!!)
8:00 Change Max eat breakfast, load of laundry in.
8:20 Max is tired… rock to sleep (bryan leaves for Lasik eye surgery consult) try to lay max down wakes
8:30 Rack back to sleep try to lay down, wakes again… let him cry on and off few oa few minutes while Jack and I sort the laundry.
8:45 rock Max back to sleep, this time it sticks!!!
9:00 read to Jack, work on the shopping list for the week.
9:15 web cam with my mom. Max wakes while we are talking. Not a long nap, but hopefully good enough.
10:00 Jack is asking to go to sleep trying to keep him up. Have a huge battle about going out. I need to go down to the office to drop off a paper. After a time out and a lot of crying we are out the door. Drop off paper, then we stop to watch people play tennis for a long time. Jack loves to watch!
10:45 Bryan calls still waiting for the Dr. to find out if he can have the surgery this afternoon. Jack is LOSING it!!! I make him a cheese sandwich, more time out….
11:00 Jack is eating! Not crying, yeah! Max playing on floor. Do dishes. Going to call the sitter to come over in a bit. Play with Max.
11:45 our friends helper (live in maid) comes over to watch the kids, I’m off
12:15 meet up with Bryan. Get a couple of gifts for teachers that are leaving this year. Have lunch at BK

2:50 Bryan finished. Eyes very RED, but doing okay. Walk to train station head home. Boys did great, although Max didn’t take his bottle. Bryan is really the only one he takes it from well.
4:00 Bryan to bed (resting eyes) Boys and I down to the pool. It clouded over just as we got there, kind of chilly, end up in the Jacuzzi :o)
5:00 back home, get dressed. Walk over to store (1/4 mile) to get a load of groceries. Max falls asleep on the walk. Successful trip although on the way home I realized I forget a few things. Will have to go back tomorrow.
5:45 Make dinner, Jack snuggling with Bryan, Max in bouncer
6:15 eat dinner, everyone ate well. Bryan up for a bit before he has to head back to bed.
6:45 clean up the kitchen, dishes, hang up the laundry.
7:00 head outside with kids
7:25 opps jack is having so much fun he has a little accident! We rush home to finish the pee, then back out to get the ball we left. Home for bath time, they both have so much fun! Jack found a scrubber in the tub, so he was doing some cleaning while in there, nice! :o)

8:00 Pjs on, watch AFV which is on here Saturday nights.
8:30 Bryan is out of bed for a few minutes playing the matching game with Jack right now. Max is practicing his crawling and I’m finishing this days blog post. When the kids (and Bryan) are in bed shortly I’m going to have a quiet night to myself :o)

So fun Friday!!!

6:20 jack crawls in bed with Max and I. Max stirs
6:30 Bryan says good-bye and leaves.
6:45 Max is settled back to sleep. Jack and I get up. Check e-mail. Jack wants to get dressed and can’t find shorts to wear. I fix a pair so he can wear them. Nothing like a little sewing before 7 :o)
7:15 Brush Jacks teeth, clip nails, Max awake, clip his too.
7:30 give Jack cereal and yogurt (what he asked for) doesn’t want to eat! AHHH. Max feeling better today. Dress myself and Max. Get food ready for our day out. Tell Jack to finish so we can leave. He’s not happy.
8:00 out the door, walk to train. Take train to school. We are on the way to join Christine and kids + the entire 6th grade for a field trip to Ocean Park.
9:00 bus leaves, lots of traffic.
10:15 arrive, get tickets, head to new aquarium.
11:00 ride kiddie rides, boys have a blast!

12:00lunch on the go, see the panda exhibit, babies sleeping
1:00 take the train through the mountain, see Jelly fish, head back. Jack falls asleep
2:00 sea lion show, Max wakes up. Red panda display, Goldfish exhibit
2:30 Jack wakes up, get popsicles for a snack.
3:00 go to kiddie clown show
3:30 ride sea life carousel
4:00 bus back to school
4:45 back to school. Do some scanning. Feed Max
5:30 leave school, boys and Bryan head home, I’m going out for the evening.
6:30 arrive at restaurant. I’m organizing a “moms night out” for our moms group. Expecting 10 moms/friends tonight.
8:00 leave restaurant, go with a few friends for frozen yogurt, yum!
9:00 arrive home. Boys are all happy and had a great evening with out me (yeah!!!). put boys to bed! Shower…
Bryan and I catch up on the day and enjoy the evening…. Fun day!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh What a day... Thursday

  7:04 (I checked the clock when I heard Jack yell) Jack started yelling again… why won’t he just get out of bed? I fed Max who started waking up and let Jack finally get out of bed. Sometime during the night I had noticed that Max had a fever and he still had one this morning.
7:15 out of bed… Max is a hot, sad, little boy today :o( I check e-mail and get the boys ready. Jack and I battle over brushing his teeth (everyday is a battle, any suggestions?) We eat some melon for a quick snack, then out the door for a run.
8:00 down to the carpark to the stroller, run to a park. Jack swings and plays for awhile. Run/Walk back home.
9:20 home, shower, eat a real breakfast with Jack. Try to keep Max happy while we get ready. He’s pretty sad if I’m not holding him. Fix Jacks block road that Max destroyed. Sweep.
10:15 out the door, walk to the train, two stops down, in a taxi arrive at sewing machine shop. My machine has been in the shop since late feb (LONG story) anyway, finally get it all sorted out today.
11:15 Back in taxi to train station. I decide we need a reward (mostly I do) for hauling two kids, a stroller and a sewing machine around. We go to McDonalds. I get an iced coffee, jack eats a cheese burger and a corn cup. While eating Jack suddenly has to poop. We pack up quickly and hauling everything around the mall find a bathroom, success!!!
11:45 take train back two stops, taxi home with everything….
12:15 HOME!! Yeah, feed max, he’s happy for the moment. Check internet, read to Jack.
1:15 get Max to sleep, Jack in bed
Max is really sleeping, Jack is just faking here... he never did go down.

1:45 I am working on blog stuff, Jack wants to get up.. he had a ten min. nap in the stroller this morning and its throwing him off. We drive cars.
2:30 Max wakes up, I am rocking him back to sleep when Bryan calls. Have a nice talk, it’s a busy day at school (like always!!)
3:00 pull salmon out of freezer for dinner, gather other dinner items
3:20 head out to pool with boys. Not sure how long Max will last. Decide on the way out Max is too tired. Only Jack swims. Max and I watch, he naps in my arms. Really nice afternoon.

4:30 back home, jack changed, snack time. I cook noodles for bryan to feed boys tomorrow night (I’ll be out). Start marinating salmon. Cook rice, laundry in, vacuum house
5:20 I’m rocking Max, Jack is looking at books on couch… his eyes close… asleep! I guess that’s what happens when he just sleeps 10 min. in the morning. :o) I’ll wake him when Bryan gets home.
 6:00 put Max down, finish dinner. Jack wakes up and in CRABBY!!!
6:30 bryan calls, leaving work late… read to Jack until he comes home
7:00 Bryan home, eat dinner. Jack only had one melt down during the meal :o)
7:30 clean table, dishes, hang laundry while Bryan takes care of boys.
7:45 Go out with boys to play outside for awhile.
8:15 home, shower Jack, Max in pjs rock to sleep.
8:45 this is right now… I’m blogging Jack and Bryan are playing the car matching game grandma sent (thanks!!!) Jack will be in bed soon. I can’t believe how strong he is still going with his lack of sleep today.
Praying Max will be better tomorrow! We have big plans if he is well!!!
This is the real sleeping position for the day :o)


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