Saturday, June 4, 2011

Its the weekend! Saturday.

6:30 Jack crawls in bed (its been a early week for him!) Bryan is already up, but he comes back in to wake up with us.
6:45 Max wakes up… we all get up.
7:00 I’m trying to catch up on my blogging from yesterday :o) Boys are playing with dad.
7:30 feed max, change his diaper. Bryan brushes Jacks teeth and makes him breakfast, does dishes (what a great Sat. morning routine!!!)
8:00 Change Max eat breakfast, load of laundry in.
8:20 Max is tired… rock to sleep (bryan leaves for Lasik eye surgery consult) try to lay max down wakes
8:30 Rack back to sleep try to lay down, wakes again… let him cry on and off few oa few minutes while Jack and I sort the laundry.
8:45 rock Max back to sleep, this time it sticks!!!
9:00 read to Jack, work on the shopping list for the week.
9:15 web cam with my mom. Max wakes while we are talking. Not a long nap, but hopefully good enough.
10:00 Jack is asking to go to sleep trying to keep him up. Have a huge battle about going out. I need to go down to the office to drop off a paper. After a time out and a lot of crying we are out the door. Drop off paper, then we stop to watch people play tennis for a long time. Jack loves to watch!
10:45 Bryan calls still waiting for the Dr. to find out if he can have the surgery this afternoon. Jack is LOSING it!!! I make him a cheese sandwich, more time out….
11:00 Jack is eating! Not crying, yeah! Max playing on floor. Do dishes. Going to call the sitter to come over in a bit. Play with Max.
11:45 our friends helper (live in maid) comes over to watch the kids, I’m off
12:15 meet up with Bryan. Get a couple of gifts for teachers that are leaving this year. Have lunch at BK

2:50 Bryan finished. Eyes very RED, but doing okay. Walk to train station head home. Boys did great, although Max didn’t take his bottle. Bryan is really the only one he takes it from well.
4:00 Bryan to bed (resting eyes) Boys and I down to the pool. It clouded over just as we got there, kind of chilly, end up in the Jacuzzi :o)
5:00 back home, get dressed. Walk over to store (1/4 mile) to get a load of groceries. Max falls asleep on the walk. Successful trip although on the way home I realized I forget a few things. Will have to go back tomorrow.
5:45 Make dinner, Jack snuggling with Bryan, Max in bouncer
6:15 eat dinner, everyone ate well. Bryan up for a bit before he has to head back to bed.
6:45 clean up the kitchen, dishes, hang up the laundry.
7:00 head outside with kids
7:25 opps jack is having so much fun he has a little accident! We rush home to finish the pee, then back out to get the ball we left. Home for bath time, they both have so much fun! Jack found a scrubber in the tub, so he was doing some cleaning while in there, nice! :o)

8:00 Pjs on, watch AFV which is on here Saturday nights.
8:30 Bryan is out of bed for a few minutes playing the matching game with Jack right now. Max is practicing his crawling and I’m finishing this days blog post. When the kids (and Bryan) are in bed shortly I’m going to have a quiet night to myself :o)

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