Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm finished! Its Sunday!

Its been quite a week! I've enjoyed being intentional with photo taking and really noticing how we/I spend my time. I may do more reflecting on this later... On to Sunday
6:40 Jack up. Bryan takes him. He has been up for awhile. All the resting yesterday didn’t make for a good nights sleep.
7:45 Max wakes, I got to sleep in with him, nice! I feed him then we get up.
Bryan and Jack are just sitting down to breakfast and Bryan has done the dishes, great!
8:00 we all work on getting dressed and ready for church. Make a sandwich for Jack after church, change a VERY poopy diaper of Max, eat and we are ready to leave just before nine.
9:00 grab the mini bus outside our building. Get off at the train station and walk over to the “big bus” as Jack says. 15 min. ride to church.
9:30 Jack to his class, max asleep in the carrier. Great sermon on the things in life that weigh us down (sin) and we need to eliminate.
10:45 service over, meet up with our good friend Cami who is in town for the weekend. Max awake. Walk over to the train. Grab a few things at the grocery store. Take the train downtown for lunch. Jack falls asleep on the way to lunch.
12:00 get to lunch at Nomads (a Mongolian BBQ place) Jack wakes up to eat.

1:15 leave lunch, walk to train (15 min). Max napping on the way home.
2:00 arrive home. Max has slept on the way home.
2:30 head down to the pool. Its HOT out there!
3:30 back home. Try to put Max down, but although he seems sleepy doesn’t go down. I head out for a foot massage in town.
3:45 Bryan and boys play at home. Max takes a short nap, they play with trains.
5:30 I come home… Jack asleep on couch… too short of a nap earlier I guess :o) We will wake him shortly.
5:45 Bryan wakes up Jack.. he is VERY crabby until he eats some dinner.
6:15 out the door for a family run. Bryan pushes the boys and I get to run free… helps us go more at the same pace. So HOT out there, but a good sweat.
7:00 finish run. I head over to the store to grab what I forgot yesterday, bryan takes Jack biking.
7:45 I arrive home, boys still out. Put away groceries, shower.
8:00 Boys home, all shower. We make popcorn for a snack. I spill it all over the floor trying to pick up Max. We pick it up and eat it :o)
8:30 just hanging out.. nice evening and day with the family. Max has learned to go from his tummy back to sitting today!
8:45 Now.. I’m posting this. Afterwards we will put the boys down. Its been a great week, thanks for joining us! :o)

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