Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What did we do today? Wednesday

7:10 Jack starts calling for me instead of getting up. This wakes Max and we are all up soon. BIG ordeal with brushing Jacks teeth, but get it done. I check e-mail while the boys play. Feed both boys cheerios, sweep, put load of laundry in, take dry laundry off the rack.
8:00 work out DVD, only one interruption to wipe Jacks butt :o)
8:30 Make fruit salad for brunch with friends, do dishes, dress the boys, shower, dress, dishes, work on egg dish for brunch. Call Jamila to pick up more milk on the way here.
9:30  Try to rock Max to sleep…friends arrive.. attempt to put Max down twice… screaming each time… No morning nap for him. House is full with 4 adults and 7 kids! :o)
10:00 head down to playground while egg dish is baking.
10:45 come back, finish brunch, feed the kids, feed the adults…
11:45 everyone leaves, such a fun morning, kids were all well behaved, only a few crying episodes :o) Clean up toys, Put Max to sleep (finally!!!), put food away, sweep, wash dishes, hang laundry. Jack is watching Jay Jay the jet plane, sort/put away all the laundry I took off the rack this morning, start another load.
12:30 Jack to bed. Devotions, sewing, watch biggest loser episode from I-tunes while sewing.
2:30 Max cries (what a great nap!) Jack is upset because Max woke him up. I take Max out and Jack rests for awhile more. I finish up the blogging I was doing. Make Jack a snack, feed Max. Call Bryan to find out the plan for tonight (no answer)… so for now (3:30) we are just hanging out at home… Laundry to hang, diapers to wash! :o)
3:45 we head down to the Podium to sort the recyclable and spend some time outside.
4:30 back home. Feed and rock Max, hang with the boys… wonder if I should make dinner (we had briefly talked about going out with some friends tonight) can’t get a hold of Bryan so not sure what to do… I decide not to make dinner and see what happens :o)
5:20 Bryan calls… he will be at work until six. Too late to meet up with friends… decide he will bring home pizza.. yes, I know we had it for dinner last night, but that was homemade, this will not be :o) Hang with Jack… Hang up the diapers to dry.
7:00 Bryan arrives home with pizza! Yeah! Dinner time… of course the boys and I have been snacking for the last hour :o)
7:30 we all head outside for some last play time and kicking the ball. Bryan and I try to have a conversation while he is running around with Jack.
8:00 back inside, dishes washed, boys all shower,
8:30 Jack and Bryan are building with blocks while I finish this post. Max was losing it a few minutes ago, but he just ate and seems better now. Hopefully both kids will be in bed shortly! :o)


grandmashredder said...

Love the day. you keep so busy and active. love it. but no jack calling for skype story from grandma....maybe tomorrow. did you see sarahs day??????hh

grandmashredder said...

dont know what the hh at the end was for, i think i was trying the word verification thing.


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