Saturday, June 4, 2011

So fun Friday!!!

6:20 jack crawls in bed with Max and I. Max stirs
6:30 Bryan says good-bye and leaves.
6:45 Max is settled back to sleep. Jack and I get up. Check e-mail. Jack wants to get dressed and can’t find shorts to wear. I fix a pair so he can wear them. Nothing like a little sewing before 7 :o)
7:15 Brush Jacks teeth, clip nails, Max awake, clip his too.
7:30 give Jack cereal and yogurt (what he asked for) doesn’t want to eat! AHHH. Max feeling better today. Dress myself and Max. Get food ready for our day out. Tell Jack to finish so we can leave. He’s not happy.
8:00 out the door, walk to train. Take train to school. We are on the way to join Christine and kids + the entire 6th grade for a field trip to Ocean Park.
9:00 bus leaves, lots of traffic.
10:15 arrive, get tickets, head to new aquarium.
11:00 ride kiddie rides, boys have a blast!

12:00lunch on the go, see the panda exhibit, babies sleeping
1:00 take the train through the mountain, see Jelly fish, head back. Jack falls asleep
2:00 sea lion show, Max wakes up. Red panda display, Goldfish exhibit
2:30 Jack wakes up, get popsicles for a snack.
3:00 go to kiddie clown show
3:30 ride sea life carousel
4:00 bus back to school
4:45 back to school. Do some scanning. Feed Max
5:30 leave school, boys and Bryan head home, I’m going out for the evening.
6:30 arrive at restaurant. I’m organizing a “moms night out” for our moms group. Expecting 10 moms/friends tonight.
8:00 leave restaurant, go with a few friends for frozen yogurt, yum!
9:00 arrive home. Boys are all happy and had a great evening with out me (yeah!!!). put boys to bed! Shower…
Bryan and I catch up on the day and enjoy the evening…. Fun day!!

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