Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another week! How time flies!

This past week was really great. My mom was still here visiting and my dad came for the week as well. We all had a blast continuing to bond with Jack, and even though he was pretty cranky, there were lots of arms to hold hime. Now my parents are gone, and it's just our little family. So far so good. Jack has been calmer the last couple of days and we are busy enjoying a relaxing weekend!

Last Sat. at a surprise baby shower. I was truely shocked! bryan was in on it and everyone kept the secret really well!
After the shower we headed to the beach. Jack wasnt' too sure about his first beach experience. the water was really warm, but it was really sandy :o)

Tired after a day at the beach!
We ended the day with a great meal at the Stoep! Yum!
Jack and dad on the train. He loves his front pack!

Bonding time with Grandpa Schroeder.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jack's third week of life...

Jack is having a great week three! Growing, growing, growing.... A little more crying and fussing, but he is still a great sleeper. We continue to be a great attraction whenever we leave the house, especially at the pool. (Chinese women don't leave the house for at least a month after giving birth) So people aren't used to seeing such small ones out. Some say, "good, good," and some make a tisking noise... I think that's disapproving :o)

Enjoying the stroller so I can get out and walk.
First day at the pool. He liked the water!

Little baseball outfit from aunt Ellen! Thanks!
Swimming with our friends...
Photo shoot with the three of us...

Playing in his crib. (happy for about 5 min. alone :o)
Fun visit with Grandma!
Visiting dad at the office.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

week two...

Jack seems to be enjoying his second week of life. We have been able to get out of the house more and so far Jack has been a great traveller. Even in the heat, he is doing so well! As you can see he doesn't wear many clothes :o)

Out for dinner, in a busy part of town.
cuddle time...
just chillin!
Sleeping, while the baby calendar is filled in.

big eyes!
loving the cloth diapers!
at the doctors office.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our beautiful son!

Here are some pictures from Jack's first week of life. He also now has a middle name! Or at least middle initials. His name is Jack H.K. Thompson. The HK standing for his place of birth and his grandfathers initials Simple, but very meaningful to us.

His face has so many expressions when he is awake. This is his smile, although just gas at the moment, so cute!

Five days old and first walk out in the carrier. He was asleep before we got out of the building.

I think this look is a little freaky, but still cute. I wonder what he is thinking right now?
Yeah, six days old and no more stinky cord!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

baby Jack

Well, He's here! after a very long labor, Jack Thompson has made his debut! We are still working on his middle name, so stay tuned!

Turn up the volume and you can hear his little noises. I know this isn't the most exciting video, but what can you expect from someone who is only 5 days old :o)


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