Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jack's third week of life...

Jack is having a great week three! Growing, growing, growing.... A little more crying and fussing, but he is still a great sleeper. We continue to be a great attraction whenever we leave the house, especially at the pool. (Chinese women don't leave the house for at least a month after giving birth) So people aren't used to seeing such small ones out. Some say, "good, good," and some make a tisking noise... I think that's disapproving :o)

Enjoying the stroller so I can get out and walk.
First day at the pool. He liked the water!

Little baseball outfit from aunt Ellen! Thanks!
Swimming with our friends...
Photo shoot with the three of us...

Playing in his crib. (happy for about 5 min. alone :o)
Fun visit with Grandma!
Visiting dad at the office.

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Molly Sheahan said...

Hey. Love the 6th picture! It is so cute!! Can't wait to see you at Christmas. Love, Molly


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