Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas fun

We've been loving all the Christmasy activities the last couple weeks. Here are a few things we've been doing.
 making wrapping paper..
Packing shoe boxes to give to refugee children here in Hong Kong.

And a few pictures of Max thrown in so we don't forget about him!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Party, Party, Party!

We are half way through out party season here in Hong Kong. Each year we host parties for the MS teachers and their families as a thank you for a great semester. Last night we had a bunch of families with kids, so it was crowed, but fun! Jack had a blast because his buddie Josiah and family were here. Check out the funny video of them "tickling" each other.

With 12 adults and 7 kids in the house it was a fun, but crowded night! :o)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Play date..

 It's been awhile since all three boys have been together. We've seen Josiah and Malcolm a lot, but not the three together as much. Last week we had a time for them to play outside at Christines house.

 Annette checking out the big boys...
 I took this picture on the way to church this morning. So cute, although a bit blurry.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tis the Season

Although it doesn't "feel" like Christmas weather here, we are in full holiday spirit! Dec. has become a time where we love to open our home to friends and share the joy the season brings with others. In preparation for our holiday parties I hosted a cookie exchange on Mon. We baked sugar cookies that everyone helped decorate. Here's Jack helping me cut them out the night before.

All ready to decorate.
Jack icing a no-sugar-wholewheat- sugar cookie :o)
Max wasn't really in the cookie decorating mood...
Moms and two-year olds in action...

Jack vegging out watching the Little Drummer Boy classic holiday movie.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


 We've had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend so far. Bryan has had off since Wed. noon, which is great! We've loved the extra time with him around! Thur. afternoon/evening we hosted a dinner here in our clubhouse for the ICS teachers. Around 80 people joined in the festivities and we had tons of great food. I successfully cooked a turkey and made stuffing and gravy!
 Great spread!
 Wonderful friends and colleagues.

 The dinner organizers... Christine and myself.
 Web-caming with family on Thanksgiving. Doesn't Jack look thrilled? :o)

Friday we were invited over to our friends the Simons for a BBQ and a great afternoon of fun. Here are a few pictures from that afternoon.

 Jack didn't get a nap while we were there, so he crashed on the bus home :o)
 Friday evening we put up our Christmas decorations. We are feeling cozy and holidayish now in our home. Max loved the antlers :o)

 Our first ornament casualty... I guess thats what happens when the two year old decorates ....

 May you enjoy this season of Advent and giving as much as we will!!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

little max...

The littlest Thompson is growing like a weed. He's also begun to smile, so here are some sweet pictures. Bryan is really good at getting him to smile! The last two pictures he is smiling at his dad.

Friday, November 19, 2010

beach and video

 Last weekend we headed out to one of our favorite beaches. It was too cold to swim, but Jack had a blast playing in the sand. One of our friends was having a birthday lunch out there, so it was a great afternoon!

We headed out to the beach with two sleeping boys...

Here a video of little Max... He doesn't really do anything, but I don't want to neglect taking videos of him. :o)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

when dad is away...

The family plays!
This past week Bryan was in China on a school trip. The boys were really well behaved and the week went fast. We are really glad to have him home now.
snuggles in bed
a typical morning... Jack watching Jay-Jay or Thomas as a reward for pooping on the potty and Max napping.
We had lots of play dates...
in fact my friend Christine and her two kids came over and had a sleepover the final night!
Annette is enjoying our home.
Max'd think he was a new born or something!
Fun bath time before bed for Jack and Josiah.

Four happy kids after a pretty good nights' sleep.
morning run with two moms, two double strollers and four kids...This proved to be difficult as the two little ones began to cry after a bit, so we didn't get a picture of the whole gang... 


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