Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Where is May going?

Time seems to just be flying by... I can't believe its May 21st already! Usually May is hot and humid here.. but its been raining here for about two months straight and so we are just getting to the hot weather. It was nice to put that off, but we are SO done with the rain!! We've gotten in a pool just a few times and although the sun hasn't made an appearance we were able to enjoy the water. Here are few photos..
We had Dim Sum on a public holiday awhile back..
 Too much brotherly love..
 How I get things done these days..

 YiLi is doing okay with eating some "real" food. She likes plain yogurt with mashed bananas and squash with homemade rice cereal...
 Annabelle gets a real kick out of Yili!
Jack is very gentle and loving with her.. 

 My friend Christine and I have quite a passel of kids these days!

 And look who's learned to sit up since she's been here!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Go fly a Kite

We woke up to a beautiful we enjoyed a morning at the park.. and after we saw these amazing kites up in the sky, we bought a cheap one and tried it out. 10 min. later, Max stepped on the kites and broke the middle piece and the fun was over ;o)

 On another note, YiLi has really settled in and we have had a great week.She got sick, which wasn't great, but now is doing better, although has a runny noise and cough..
she likes to sleep with her hands over her face...


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