Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hong Kong Krazies #6

White Outs!
The forecast is predicting rain heading our way... for several days, so I am going to share pictures from the last time it REALLY rained... When it rains... it pours... when it pours... you can't see ANYTHING. reminds me of being in a snowstorm where you can't see two inches in front of your face. We look out the window and can't see anything but white rain. Jack thinks its night time because it gets all dark, and I love to snuggle in for the long haul. Too bad my parents will be here this week (coming tomorrow, yeah!) might not be the best week to enjoy Hong Kong, but at least we can be together!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

PJ's and a Picnic

No... we didn't have a picnic in our pajamas... but we did take a photo of Max wearing the same "Dr Seuss" pjs that Jack used to wear. These were a favorite pair of ours the first time around and we love getting to use them again.

Max is about two months younger than Jack was in his pictures. Aren't they both SO cute!!!???

Yesterday the weather was BEAUTIFUL! We just had to be outside! We packed a picnic and the boys and I went on a (short) bike ride. Had a nice lunch then rode home in time for naps... so fun!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

week recap...

We have had a super last week, and a lot has happened. I'll try to give the brief update all in one post so everyone is caught up :o) Last weekend our friends the Paines were in town (Jacks bud Josiah!). They are one a one year sabbatical trip doing volunteer work and Bible School. You can check out their blog HERE. We had so much fun with them for the days they were here and we actually got to see them more than I expected... so fun! We tried to get an updated picture of the three boys (Malcolm, Jack, Josiah) and this was the best shot :o)
Here's our four kids in a tub: cuteness!
 After they left on Sunday Bryan had Monday and Tuesday off. 
Jack got a late Birthday card from Grandma that played music. (Mom this one is for you!)
Tues. we headed out to a beach... here's our trip.

Wednesday Bryan headed off to camp for the rest of the week. The kids and I took a trip to a fountain you can plan in...

 Tried out a new moms group/Bible study... Mr. Blue eyes!
And headed out to camp Thur. afternoon to see Bryan and all the kids. 
 We stayed for the evening BBQ.

Yesterday, Sat. I got to use my new china visa to go get a massage and hair washing with a friend, it was great.
And today... Sunday Bryan and a bunch of other teachers ran in a 10K race. There were a lot of runners and it was a beautiful cloudy day... fun times.

And there you have it... all caught up... More fun to come this week. The boys (all three) are down for Sunday afternoon naps so its a nice quite moment for me. :o)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mr. Uh-Oh

Max's favorite (and pretty much only) word is Uh-Oh. He wakes up saying it and gets in about 100 before he heads to bed at night. Not only does he like to say the word... he spends his day making situations that fit it as well. He loves to knock things over/off and make a mess. I think he has already been disciplined as much as Jack has in his THREE years of life. Its hard to leave Max alone in a room and not have him get into trouble :o) Here are a few of his Uh-oh situations recently.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hong Kong Krazies #5

Mooncakes and Lanterns (Mid-Autumn Festival)
This holiday is a special one in Chinese culture. In current time it is a day to be with family, make/buy lanterns and eat special foods (mooncakes). It started as an Autumn holiday to celebrate the harvest and give thanks to the moon. It has evolved into an official national holiday that we get to enjoy with beautiful decorations and a day off!
First let's start with the Moon Cake aspect...ummm can I say "not good!" 
the traditional one is made of a mix of bean/lotus paste with a egg yolk baked into the middle.

Source: google.com via Emily on Pinterest
Source: google.com via Emily on Pinterest

They come in beautiful tins, I like that part...
Source: google.com via Emily on
Source: google.com via Emily on

I can however, get into the idea of some "non-traditional" moon cakes.

Source: google.com via Emily on Pinterest
Snowy Mooncakes with sweet fruit filling.

Source: google.com via Emily on Pinterest

Starbucks Coffee flavored Mooncake.

Source: google.com via Emily on Pinterest

Ice Cream Mooncakes. (last year we were given this set, yum!)

Source: flickr.com via Emily on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Emily on Pinteres

 Lanterns! In the Shatin Park...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hong Kong Krazies #4

Garlic on the train?
I wish I had more pictures of the strange things we see while traveling on public transport, but I always feel a bit self-conscious taking pictures of other people :o) I was able to snap this photo though of these ladies and their bag of garlic... and they did have a lot of it! They were snoozing away, so I snapped away... 
Speaking of taking public transport, we live in our various size strollers. Here's pretty much my view for a few hours each day :o)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Max Movies

Here are a few recent videos of Max taking his first steps and moving around the house.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hong Kong Krazies #3

Drinks with "stuff" inside!
people here love a good drink with all kinds of things inside! Starbucks right now has jelly iced coffees... which means at the bottom of your drink there is some snot like substance :o)I have not tried this..
I do love the bubble teas though! Its a milk tea with sugar and ice and tapioca pearls. You can get the large or small (I always get the small pearls ) the large ones make me gag. A great summer time treat and very affordable! 
Jack also likes things in his drinks :o) Here he is drinking a mango juice with clear tapioca and Pomelo Pulp in it! 


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