Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hong Kong Krazies #3

Drinks with "stuff" inside!
people here love a good drink with all kinds of things inside! Starbucks right now has jelly iced coffees... which means at the bottom of your drink there is some snot like substance :o)I have not tried this..
I do love the bubble teas though! Its a milk tea with sugar and ice and tapioca pearls. You can get the large or small (I always get the small pearls ) the large ones make me gag. A great summer time treat and very affordable! 
Jack also likes things in his drinks :o) Here he is drinking a mango juice with clear tapioca and Pomelo Pulp in it! 


Kyle and Sarah said...

can you mail one to TX?!!

Brad and Laura said...

Do you remember Orbitz? It wasn't on the market for long. Not sure I could get used to "stuff" in my drinks. I don't even like pulp.

I love getting a peak into your HK life :)


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