Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Costume Party

We had a little costume party at our moms group this morning. So many kids, so many treats, so much fun! 

 Playing a game... walking with toilet paper between the legs.

 wrapping up the "mummys"

 oh wow, is Jack excited about the treats??? :o)

 one mom drew jack-o-lantern faces on mini oranges to pass out... HOW CUTE!
Want to see how I made the boys costumes? More info here.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


 On these (slightly) cooler afternoons, the boys have really been enjoying sidewalk chalk. You can't really buy it here, so we get lots of strange looks as people walk by. When the next rain comes it all washes away, so I think its okay :o)
 Basically everything at our house has to involve a vehicle of some kind, so drawing with chalk requires that we take cars outside to drive on the chalk roads. Essentially, I draw a road and the boys drive. Not sure why they can't just drive in the house :o)

 Max loves to chase the ants on the sidewalk.

Today is a rainy Saturday morning...but we are watching our friends Josiah and Annette while the dads are at school and their mom is tutoring. Four kids four and under should keep me busy :o)

Monday, October 22, 2012


We spent last night camping on one of our favorite beaches here in Hong Kong. We had several friends join us for either the first or second day... and one friend tad spend the night. It was a great social,  relaxing  and enjoyable time on the beach. I'm just going to post a few pictures here... and if you want to see more you can head over to facebook.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Festival

 Today was the ICS Walk-A-Thon and Fall Festival. A couple of weeks ago, Jack came home from school SO excited about the fall festival... they had been talking about it at school. He asked if we could go and I told him that we get to go every year. This year was special though, because as a student he got a special shirt like dad.
 He was SO excited until we actually got there and there were hundreds/thousands of people... so overwhelmed!
 I don't know this kid, but I liked the shot of the back of his shirt with the post in the front as well.

 With some Schoolmates
 Tirzah, who is also a staff kid is in the grade above Jack
 Enoch is in Jacks class
Cyrus is in Jacks class
Jovita is also in his class. I get to be in his classroom two afternoons a month, so I am also getting to know all these sweet kids.
 Getting our stamps along the walk.
 The mob at school...
 I got to work in the kindergartner booth for awhile.
 Max and his friend Ava, with another teach Ruth (in costume) :o)
 Our little monkeys got their faces painted.

 Bryan was in the "dunk tank" (pool) for awhile... the boys got to push him in.

 A fun and tiring day....looking forward to next year ;o)!


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