Saturday, October 27, 2012


 On these (slightly) cooler afternoons, the boys have really been enjoying sidewalk chalk. You can't really buy it here, so we get lots of strange looks as people walk by. When the next rain comes it all washes away, so I think its okay :o)
 Basically everything at our house has to involve a vehicle of some kind, so drawing with chalk requires that we take cars outside to drive on the chalk roads. Essentially, I draw a road and the boys drive. Not sure why they can't just drive in the house :o)

 Max loves to chase the ants on the sidewalk.

Today is a rainy Saturday morning...but we are watching our friends Josiah and Annette while the dads are at school and their mom is tutoring. Four kids four and under should keep me busy :o)

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grandmashredder said...

i hope your not drawing roads in the dog poop area like crazy grandma did last year.


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