Monday, May 31, 2010

Bry and Em's Busy weekend...

Bryan and I had a crazy busy (and super fun) weekend! Unfortunately we didn't get pictures of everything, but I do have a few to share. We started with the Jr./Sr. banquet on Friday night. Both Bryan and I taught (and loved!) this class of seniors, so it was a blessing to see them all dressed up and enjoying the evening. The food was great! (yum!) and it was a fun night of laughs, pictures and friends. Jack was with our friends the Paines for the evening and even went to bed there... we picked him up around 11 and he made a smooth transition to his bed.
Bryan with friends Jon and Tad
With some fabulous students, Ruth, Robin and Nathania
Other teachers and friends Maria and Rebekah
Wonderful kids Joanna and Clement (also a cute couple :o)

Saturday I attended a womens' conference at our church for most of the day and Bryan and Jack had some guy time. In the evening we went to the MS musical at school. It was called Thoroughly Modern Millie, and was SOOOO good! Wow, those kids are incredibly talented! Was as good as any HS production I have EVER seen! not kidding.

Sunday evening Bryan and I again left Jack with friends and went to see the musical Chicago, put on by a visiting group here in HK. When I bought the tickets a month ago, that was the only commitment the whole weekend :o) It turned out to be a great end to a busy one!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

for Grandpa Schroeder

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Jack and I went camping this weekend with a group of friends from school. (21 of us!) We had been planning to go this holiday weekend for a long time and when Bryan threw out his back this past week, we were really sad. In the end, I took Jack and we had a great time. Bryan was able to get the rest and relaxation he needed at home and now is feeling a bit better. We were really sad to not have him join us, but wouldn't have been able to do much with him at home this weekend either. Here are a few pictures from out trip.
Enjoying the campfire that we got going with really wet wood after the rain!

Jack at about 5:30 am, awake and asking for food in our tent :o)

Hiking to a scenic waterfall with a few others. Jack napped the whole way there.
A very sandy Jack (the picture doesn't even begin to show how sandy he was.) HEAD to TOE COVERED! Oh wow! Then all hosed off, warming up and enjoying a snack.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Play and Sleep... hard!

Jack does two things well these days.... PLAY and then crash to SLEEP! Both are done with great enthusiasm and effort! No half heartedness around here! We've been playing a lot with Jack's friend Josiah, because in just two weeks they will be moving 1/2 hr. train ride from here. Jack has no idea how his life is going to change!

The other morning I got out of the shower at 10:3o am to find Jack fast asleep on the floor in the hall. I was wondering why it was so quiet ;o)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Picky Son...

Okay, Jack is actually not a picky child, he likes to do and eat most everything we want to! Yeah! But, he has taken a liking to picking a Bryan's calloused feet :o)I must say I am proud of him taking after his mother in this way... Not that I like to pick at feet, but I do like to pick at backs :o) Anyway, he was really going at the feet the other night, so I took some pictures.

Got to get the good angle!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Water Bug!

Its going to be another summer of water fun with Jack! We were in our pool here for the first time this season over the weekend. Jack loved jumping in and retrieving a ball. We have to keep our eyes on him!
Here's how the jumping goes: Throw in the ball, Jack jumps in the water and comes up for a breath on his own. Waits for someone to come and get him.
We hold him and let him "swim" to the side.

Repeat, repeat, repeat :o)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

5 months!

Here's the 5 month belly picture... definitely getting bigger! :o) I'm actually about a week away from the exact 5 month date, but with Jack I didn't ever get to 9 months, so I'm taking pictures a little earlier with this one. My 9 month picture with Jack I am already in labor (not a good look) because I waited too long to take the shot. I figure if I take all these around one week before the month mark, at least it's consistent growth.... I am feeling much better this month, yeah! Went to the Dr. last week. All looks good, in fact he said the baby looks very muscular! (what does that mean? :o) Great to see the little one moving around and looking so healthy. I'm feeling tons of movement these days and Bryan was able to feel him/her a few weeks ago as well.

The 3-D pictures are a little freakish, but I do think this one is cute.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

little monkeys!

Christine and I took the boys to the zoological gardens here in HK yesterday. It was a beautiful day, the weather was about perfect! They boys had a blast and loved all the monkeys... Fun afternoon.

This video is not from the zoo day, but looks like Jack belongs in the zoo, what a crazy boy!


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