Sunday, May 23, 2010


Jack and I went camping this weekend with a group of friends from school. (21 of us!) We had been planning to go this holiday weekend for a long time and when Bryan threw out his back this past week, we were really sad. In the end, I took Jack and we had a great time. Bryan was able to get the rest and relaxation he needed at home and now is feeling a bit better. We were really sad to not have him join us, but wouldn't have been able to do much with him at home this weekend either. Here are a few pictures from out trip.
Enjoying the campfire that we got going with really wet wood after the rain!

Jack at about 5:30 am, awake and asking for food in our tent :o)

Hiking to a scenic waterfall with a few others. Jack napped the whole way there.
A very sandy Jack (the picture doesn't even begin to show how sandy he was.) HEAD to TOE COVERED! Oh wow! Then all hosed off, warming up and enjoying a snack.


Jonah Zane Herzog said...

You are a trooper! Prego and carrying a sack of Jack on your back! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

The Paines said...

great pics- love his serious face!

Kyle and Sarah said...

soooooo cute. i especially love the pic of jack awake at 5:30 asking for food. i remember when calli needed to eat a.s.a.p. after she woke up!
emily you are looking so good! baby has REALLY been growing.


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