Monday, May 31, 2010

Bry and Em's Busy weekend...

Bryan and I had a crazy busy (and super fun) weekend! Unfortunately we didn't get pictures of everything, but I do have a few to share. We started with the Jr./Sr. banquet on Friday night. Both Bryan and I taught (and loved!) this class of seniors, so it was a blessing to see them all dressed up and enjoying the evening. The food was great! (yum!) and it was a fun night of laughs, pictures and friends. Jack was with our friends the Paines for the evening and even went to bed there... we picked him up around 11 and he made a smooth transition to his bed.
Bryan with friends Jon and Tad
With some fabulous students, Ruth, Robin and Nathania
Other teachers and friends Maria and Rebekah
Wonderful kids Joanna and Clement (also a cute couple :o)

Saturday I attended a womens' conference at our church for most of the day and Bryan and Jack had some guy time. In the evening we went to the MS musical at school. It was called Thoroughly Modern Millie, and was SOOOO good! Wow, those kids are incredibly talented! Was as good as any HS production I have EVER seen! not kidding.

Sunday evening Bryan and I again left Jack with friends and went to see the musical Chicago, put on by a visiting group here in HK. When I bought the tickets a month ago, that was the only commitment the whole weekend :o) It turned out to be a great end to a busy one!

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