Sunday, May 9, 2010

5 months!

Here's the 5 month belly picture... definitely getting bigger! :o) I'm actually about a week away from the exact 5 month date, but with Jack I didn't ever get to 9 months, so I'm taking pictures a little earlier with this one. My 9 month picture with Jack I am already in labor (not a good look) because I waited too long to take the shot. I figure if I take all these around one week before the month mark, at least it's consistent growth.... I am feeling much better this month, yeah! Went to the Dr. last week. All looks good, in fact he said the baby looks very muscular! (what does that mean? :o) Great to see the little one moving around and looking so healthy. I'm feeling tons of movement these days and Bryan was able to feel him/her a few weeks ago as well.

The 3-D pictures are a little freakish, but I do think this one is cute.


The Paines said...

muscular?!? another jack? it looks like it's wearing glasses on the 3d scan. so sweet!

Baby #3 said...

you are tiny! i love the 3-D pic!

Kyle said...

another boy?! emily you look so good!


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