Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What we did: Tuesday!

7:15 Max and I are up, check e-mail, do dishes wait for Jack to get up, eat breakfast

7:45 Jack is up, dress the boys, make toast for Jack, dress for run

8:05 out the door for a run, 3.5 miles. I let Jack ride his bike for a while afterwards

9:30 back home. Prep some food for dinner tonight, feed Max and Jack a snack.

10:00 call, then skype with my parents, so nice!

10:30 put max down for a nap, shower, sort laundry and put clean clothes away, make lunch for Jack.

11:15 read books to Jack

11:40 Jack goes down for a nap, I spend time on the computer

12:00 jack asks to get up, not tired yet, silly boy :o) I work on a pattern I am making and eat lunch while Jack hangs with me.

12:25 Jack back in bed. Max still sleeping!!! Devotions, time on computer, mop the floor, prep for dinner, work on pattern (watch some Master Chief while working)

Around 1:00 Max woke up. I was able to finish my work, then spend some fun time with him this afternoon. We tried to work on crawling, but no progress :o)

2:30 Jack woke up, had to search everywhere for a missing car… he took two to bed, and only had one when he woke up. Went outside to mail a letter, play with chalk and wait for our friends coming over to play

3:30 friends Valarie and daughter Lela arrive. We play at home for awhile, then head out to the pool. Spend a relaxing hour watching the kids play… good talks! Max slept in the stroller while we were at the pool.

Max napping at the pool.
5:30 back home, start pizza dough for dinner, get Jack changed back into clothes, say good bye to friends. Work on dinner, Jack watches Thomas the Train for a few minutes. Max is crabby while I try to finish up dinner.

6:30 Bryan arrives home with friends who are coming to dinner. Dana, Tad and Ken are over for the evening. Dinner is pizza, salad and chocolate cookies.

8:30 everyone gone, Jack still wants to go out and kick the ball. Bryan takes him out. Max and I clean up the kitchen, then work on this blog post.

9ish we will put the boys to bed. Bryan and I will probably veg in front of the show Parenthood which we taped this evening…. Another day!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 1: Monday


6:30 Jack wakes up and Bryan brings him into my bed before leaving for work. Jack drives cars quietly while I doze…

7:10 Jack gets restless and louder… Max wakes up, we all play in bed for a few minutes

7:30 out of bed.. Morning activities: Bathroom for Jack, diaper change for Max, brush teeth, Jack eats, prep for tutoring, sweep the floor... have this conversation with Jack.

Jack: I want to sweep. Me: Ok Jack: I can’t find any dirt, I want my own dirt, I want your dirt (the pile I just swept) Me: There’s dirt all over the floor, find your own dirt, don’t touch the pile. Jack: reacts to this news by throwing himself to the floor and pouting for 5 min. Nice :o)

8:00 work out DVD (with only a few interruptions.)

8:45 Shower, dress boys and myself, eat, dishes, 1st load of laundry in, garbage out, put Max down for nap, fix Jacks swim suit.

10:00 the boy I tutor (Derek) comes. Jack is watching Thomas in the bedroom, Max still napping. Max wakes while I’m working, plays fine though until I’m finished.

11:00 take Jack outside to play on the putting green.

11:45 Make lunch: grilled cheese for Jack, sweet potato for me, Lychee and carrots for us both.

12:15 Read to Jack then down for nap, rock Max to sleep

12:40 devotions, pack for pool outing later in the day, hang the laundry, put 2nd load in, boil pasta for dinner, sew (finish project!) e-mail/blog.

2:20 Max wakes, feed him then wake Jack to get ready to go to the pool.

Jack on the train :o)
2:50 leave the house, walk to the station (6/10 mile), take train 10 min. to Ma On Shan to meet friends and swim there.

3:30 swimming fun, Jack and Josiah have a blast in the pool, Max and Annette did too. Christine and I always have a great time just talking!

4:45 get changed, have a snack in the park, grab some bread for dinner at my FAVORITE bakery, head home: train/walk.

Dinner Tonight!

6:00 arrrive home, Max had a little nap in the carrier on the way home, so that was perfect. The boys play while I make dinner, hang the 2nd load of laundry and do the dishes..

6:45 Bryan home, eat dinner.

7:20 Bryan takes Jack out to kick the ball, I work on my Tasty Tuesday blog post.

7:50 boys back home…Jack and Bryan shower, boys play on the bed, family play time until the boys go to bed.
9ish boys to bed! Bryan and I breathe a sigh... Tonight we are baking chocolate chip cookies for Bryan to take to school tomorrow. :o)

My two loads of laundry

My week... Join us!

This week I'm recording what I do each day with the boys and taking a few pictures along the way. Each night I'll post about the day and you can get a glimps into our life here in Hong Kong. Want to join me? I'd love to hear about your days as well? You can do it for just one day or for the whole week (my goal). Let me know if you are going to join me for this little adventure :o)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

just a few...

I haven't taken too many photos this last week. here are just a few...

Monday, May 23, 2011

In case you were wondering...

what it would be like to have four kids under three.... I experienced it! :o) The other night I had the pleasure of watching my friend Christines two kids. The only glitch was that Bryan had  CPR class after school and didn't get home until late. Well, I had all four kids, and we did great. They were all super and we had so much fun! Here are a few pictures from our time. Fortunately, Bryan got home in time to take the two older boys out to play (run off energy!!!) and read some stories before bed.

Friday, May 20, 2011

our week...

 The beginning of this week was pretty rainy, so we were inside a bit... Fortunately the weather has improved, although rain is back in the forecast. Here are a few pictures we snapped before church.
 Jack and buddy Josiah having a picnic in the tent.
 Jacks new thing is to lay on Max, so when I am out of the room and hear crying, I can usually guess what is going on. Here's what I found on Wed.
 Max got happier when I told Jack to get off his legs and began talking to him as I was taking the pictures.

 These two are going to have a lot of fun together along with a lot of tears!

 Back to the snuggles that Max isn't too sure about.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jack and Max

In the boys bedroom we have pictures hanging of myself, Bryan and Jack hanging all around the ago of 7 months. So I finally took a picture of max too. Which of the two pictures should I use of Max? I like the one with his tongue out,  because he does it all the time, but the other is cute too...

Here's Jacks old shot...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Birthday...

to Jacks friend Josiah :o)
Yesterday we went to a beach and BBQ to celebrate Josiahs 3rd birthday. Hard to believe how fast our little guys are growing up.

 Aren't they the cutest!?

 The dads doing some serious grilling!
 While the moms chilled in the setting sun.
 Max was into trying out the corn and chicken bones!
 He didn't get any marshmallows, but the rest of us did!
 Check out the yummy orange chocolate cakes baking over the fire. We are definitely trying this at Schroederville this summer!

 Happy Birthday 'Siah! We love you!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


About a year ago, my friend Christine asked if I wanted to jump off the Macau tower to celebrate our 30th birthdays. Our big day is just about three weeks apart, so I said yes! Last Monday we put our words into action and did it! HERE are the details if you are interested in how it works.
Here it is! All 233 Meters of craziness!!! (around 700 ft)
 getting REALLY nervous!
All strapped in together!


 After it was over, back at the top to pick up our shoes!

 After lunch we let the kids have some fun!


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