Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 1: Monday


6:30 Jack wakes up and Bryan brings him into my bed before leaving for work. Jack drives cars quietly while I doze…

7:10 Jack gets restless and louder… Max wakes up, we all play in bed for a few minutes

7:30 out of bed.. Morning activities: Bathroom for Jack, diaper change for Max, brush teeth, Jack eats, prep for tutoring, sweep the floor... have this conversation with Jack.

Jack: I want to sweep. Me: Ok Jack: I can’t find any dirt, I want my own dirt, I want your dirt (the pile I just swept) Me: There’s dirt all over the floor, find your own dirt, don’t touch the pile. Jack: reacts to this news by throwing himself to the floor and pouting for 5 min. Nice :o)

8:00 work out DVD (with only a few interruptions.)

8:45 Shower, dress boys and myself, eat, dishes, 1st load of laundry in, garbage out, put Max down for nap, fix Jacks swim suit.

10:00 the boy I tutor (Derek) comes. Jack is watching Thomas in the bedroom, Max still napping. Max wakes while I’m working, plays fine though until I’m finished.

11:00 take Jack outside to play on the putting green.

11:45 Make lunch: grilled cheese for Jack, sweet potato for me, Lychee and carrots for us both.

12:15 Read to Jack then down for nap, rock Max to sleep

12:40 devotions, pack for pool outing later in the day, hang the laundry, put 2nd load in, boil pasta for dinner, sew (finish project!) e-mail/blog.

2:20 Max wakes, feed him then wake Jack to get ready to go to the pool.

Jack on the train :o)
2:50 leave the house, walk to the station (6/10 mile), take train 10 min. to Ma On Shan to meet friends and swim there.

3:30 swimming fun, Jack and Josiah have a blast in the pool, Max and Annette did too. Christine and I always have a great time just talking!

4:45 get changed, have a snack in the park, grab some bread for dinner at my FAVORITE bakery, head home: train/walk.

Dinner Tonight!

6:00 arrrive home, Max had a little nap in the carrier on the way home, so that was perfect. The boys play while I make dinner, hang the 2nd load of laundry and do the dishes..

6:45 Bryan home, eat dinner.

7:20 Bryan takes Jack out to kick the ball, I work on my Tasty Tuesday blog post.

7:50 boys back home…Jack and Bryan shower, boys play on the bed, family play time until the boys go to bed.
9ish boys to bed! Bryan and I breathe a sigh... Tonight we are baking chocolate chip cookies for Bryan to take to school tomorrow. :o)

My two loads of laundry


Kyle and Sarah said...

love it! you are amazing!

melissa said...

I've made "list" like this before of all the things that I do in a day. When you go back and read them you realize just why you're so exhausted at the end of each day - you do a LOT being a mom!!!!


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