Wednesday, May 4, 2011


About a year ago, my friend Christine asked if I wanted to jump off the Macau tower to celebrate our 30th birthdays. Our big day is just about three weeks apart, so I said yes! Last Monday we put our words into action and did it! HERE are the details if you are interested in how it works.
Here it is! All 233 Meters of craziness!!! (around 700 ft)
 getting REALLY nervous!
All strapped in together!


 After it was over, back at the top to pick up our shoes!

 After lunch we let the kids have some fun!


The Paines said...

This was such a bonding experience to cling to you for dear life! You are such a cool friend for being up for it- I'm so glad we did!!!

grandmashredder said...

I WANT TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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