Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Festival

 Today was the ICS Walk-A-Thon and Fall Festival. A couple of weeks ago, Jack came home from school SO excited about the fall festival... they had been talking about it at school. He asked if we could go and I told him that we get to go every year. This year was special though, because as a student he got a special shirt like dad.
 He was SO excited until we actually got there and there were hundreds/thousands of people... so overwhelmed!
 I don't know this kid, but I liked the shot of the back of his shirt with the post in the front as well.

 With some Schoolmates
 Tirzah, who is also a staff kid is in the grade above Jack
 Enoch is in Jacks class
Cyrus is in Jacks class
Jovita is also in his class. I get to be in his classroom two afternoons a month, so I am also getting to know all these sweet kids.
 Getting our stamps along the walk.
 The mob at school...
 I got to work in the kindergartner booth for awhile.
 Max and his friend Ava, with another teach Ruth (in costume) :o)
 Our little monkeys got their faces painted.

 Bryan was in the "dunk tank" (pool) for awhile... the boys got to push him in.

 A fun and tiring day....looking forward to next year ;o)!

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