Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another week! How time flies!

This past week was really great. My mom was still here visiting and my dad came for the week as well. We all had a blast continuing to bond with Jack, and even though he was pretty cranky, there were lots of arms to hold hime. Now my parents are gone, and it's just our little family. So far so good. Jack has been calmer the last couple of days and we are busy enjoying a relaxing weekend!

Last Sat. at a surprise baby shower. I was truely shocked! bryan was in on it and everyone kept the secret really well!
After the shower we headed to the beach. Jack wasnt' too sure about his first beach experience. the water was really warm, but it was really sandy :o)

Tired after a day at the beach!
We ended the day with a great meal at the Stoep! Yum!
Jack and dad on the train. He loves his front pack!

Bonding time with Grandpa Schroeder.

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molly sheahan said...

Aww! Cute pictures. Love the ones at the beach! See ya soon!


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