Thursday, October 2, 2008

One month birthday!

For Jacks one month birthday we celebrated by going to see the movie Eagle Eye. Jack slept through the whole thing (which was great!) He had his one month check up last mon. and now weighs 10 lbs! So he is a big growing boy :o) We knew he had grown, but had no idea how much! He also got a shot and his face turned bright red and he screamed for about 10 sec. then was fine. The last few mornings he hasn't had a great nap, so has been cranky, but then has taken great afternoon naps...Right now he is sleeping in the front pack as I post this. Enjoy!

Visiting dad at Middle school camp and enjoying the BBQ!

Our little angel! Snuggle time
Trying to get a photo for his passport. This is not the final product :o)
Jack and his two best buds, Malcolm and Josiah! 3,5,1 month(s) old.

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Rachel Hamann said...

I love it! I cannot get over the facial expressions he makes...


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