Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun and busy weekend

This weekend was really a fun one! On sat. was our school's annual walk-a-thon and Fall festival. The walk was first and Bryan had to man a station, so Jack and I did the walk together. He took a nice long nap in the front pack! Bryan was a Jesus and stamped each walkers map. After the walk was the festival with great food, games and fun.
Here Jack and I are enjoying watching Bryan get hit with sponges :o)

Bryan in the sponge throw! for a good cause :o)

On Sunday bryan and some friends ran in a 10K race. We were able to get a picture on them standing on the winners blocks in the order they finsihed between them.

These aren't actually from this weekend. But I think they are great. These are Jack not-so-happy face :o) e like to blow bubbles and stick out his lower lip :o)

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Cutie Patootie! I love the pumpkin socks!


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