Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh What a day... Thursday

  7:04 (I checked the clock when I heard Jack yell) Jack started yelling again… why won’t he just get out of bed? I fed Max who started waking up and let Jack finally get out of bed. Sometime during the night I had noticed that Max had a fever and he still had one this morning.
7:15 out of bed… Max is a hot, sad, little boy today :o( I check e-mail and get the boys ready. Jack and I battle over brushing his teeth (everyday is a battle, any suggestions?) We eat some melon for a quick snack, then out the door for a run.
8:00 down to the carpark to the stroller, run to a park. Jack swings and plays for awhile. Run/Walk back home.
9:20 home, shower, eat a real breakfast with Jack. Try to keep Max happy while we get ready. He’s pretty sad if I’m not holding him. Fix Jacks block road that Max destroyed. Sweep.
10:15 out the door, walk to the train, two stops down, in a taxi arrive at sewing machine shop. My machine has been in the shop since late feb (LONG story) anyway, finally get it all sorted out today.
11:15 Back in taxi to train station. I decide we need a reward (mostly I do) for hauling two kids, a stroller and a sewing machine around. We go to McDonalds. I get an iced coffee, jack eats a cheese burger and a corn cup. While eating Jack suddenly has to poop. We pack up quickly and hauling everything around the mall find a bathroom, success!!!
11:45 take train back two stops, taxi home with everything….
12:15 HOME!! Yeah, feed max, he’s happy for the moment. Check internet, read to Jack.
1:15 get Max to sleep, Jack in bed
Max is really sleeping, Jack is just faking here... he never did go down.

1:45 I am working on blog stuff, Jack wants to get up.. he had a ten min. nap in the stroller this morning and its throwing him off. We drive cars.
2:30 Max wakes up, I am rocking him back to sleep when Bryan calls. Have a nice talk, it’s a busy day at school (like always!!)
3:00 pull salmon out of freezer for dinner, gather other dinner items
3:20 head out to pool with boys. Not sure how long Max will last. Decide on the way out Max is too tired. Only Jack swims. Max and I watch, he naps in my arms. Really nice afternoon.

4:30 back home, jack changed, snack time. I cook noodles for bryan to feed boys tomorrow night (I’ll be out). Start marinating salmon. Cook rice, laundry in, vacuum house
5:20 I’m rocking Max, Jack is looking at books on couch… his eyes close… asleep! I guess that’s what happens when he just sleeps 10 min. in the morning. :o) I’ll wake him when Bryan gets home.
 6:00 put Max down, finish dinner. Jack wakes up and in CRABBY!!!
6:30 bryan calls, leaving work late… read to Jack until he comes home
7:00 Bryan home, eat dinner. Jack only had one melt down during the meal :o)
7:30 clean table, dishes, hang laundry while Bryan takes care of boys.
7:45 Go out with boys to play outside for awhile.
8:15 home, shower Jack, Max in pjs rock to sleep.
8:45 this is right now… I’m blogging Jack and Bryan are playing the car matching game grandma sent (thanks!!!) Jack will be in bed soon. I can’t believe how strong he is still going with his lack of sleep today.
Praying Max will be better tomorrow! We have big plans if he is well!!!
This is the real sleeping position for the day :o)


Reneelharvey said...

Tirzah loves this song.

grandmashredder said...

Jack,,,,,,,,,,,"You can play with your cars after your teeth are brushed............" I mean long can he resist that?????????


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