Thursday, March 20, 2014

Field trip to the farm {or garden}

Jack's class at school has been studying gardens/farms for the last month and today they took a field trip to a "farm". To me it was more of a garden, but the kids had a blast... so it doesn't really matter what it was called. We took a bus from school WAY up north in Hong Kong almost to China, then had to walk about 15 min through a few villages until we came to our destination. The boys were all in the Leaf Vein Fossil group so we started with that activity, then did a few other gardening activities. It was all in Cantonese, and I had a hard time focusing, but the kids did okay. They had a blast and came home filthy, so that's what matters! ;o)

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Cathy Schroeder said...

Tell Jack Im anxious to do a garden again this summer with him. We will need a new sign, Jack and Max garden.


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