Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me {my new phone}

So... Bryan and I are pretty cheap about some things.... one of those has been our phones... We have had the cheapest models and plans for years now... {I paid $15 for my phone (literally) and had a $10 per month package that had unlimited texting and all the minutes I needed} Since we dont even have a home phone we have been going cheap in the phone area...EVERYONE here has smartphones... and one of the reasons is that you can get a data plan here for a very reasonable price... So... for our birthdays Bryan and I broke down and got each other phones and upgraded plans.I did a little research and got one with a good camera... so todays post is phones and a video from my new phone... Happy Birthday to me :o)
At a birthday party last weekend for a boy in Jacks class at school.

 Jack had a little birthday envy :o)
 Lunch at IKEA on Sunday...

 Playing outside after school today... the sun is shinning... its been weeks!! :o)
 Bubble meltdown :o)

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