Monday, September 23, 2013

Mid Autumn Festival Weekend

Bryan and Jack had Friday off, so we've had a really nice long weekend. As I post this tonight a typhoon is headed our way, so not sure if we will have another day off tomorrow. We will see, Bryan doesn't think school will be cancelled.. I am kind of hoping it will be :o) Thursday night was the mid autumn festival here, we spent the evening with our friends at the lantern festival.
Max chose a bunny and Jack a fish for their lanterns this year.

 Jack and Malcolm...
 Three families and eight boys... getting a good picture... impossible!

 We did get a decent family shot, always makes me happy...
 the festival is always on a full moon night, this year was suppose to be the largest in 9 years...

We had a relaxing morning on friday...with a lunch at Subway...
In the afternoon we headed to the pool.


Saturday we headed out to a new beach and had a blast with the sea, sun and kayaking..

 Sunday we had a little party for Max, he will be three on Wed... wow!
We had a Curious George makes Pancakes theme... I attempted to make the cake look like a stack of pancakes.

 making pancakes for dinner.

and to update.. I didn't finish this until the morning... there is no school for kids and Bryan was able to be home until 9:30...
its a rainy day!!!

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The Paine Family said...

I love the pancake party!! Perfect for a little monkey (: great photos- what a long weekend!


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