Monday, January 19, 2009

our week...

Another week has flown by, where to the days go. I'm at home with a baby and not even that busy and time just flies! We have been having a blast with our gorgeous little boy, he is so much fun these day. Chewing on everything and drooling like a maddog, we are hoping for some teeth soon :o) We've gotten out the cold teething ring and its a big hit!

We went on a long hike on Sat. The first two pictures we are in a bamboo forest, so beautiful! jack did great in the backpack. Took two naps and we only had to stop once for him to eat. The day was perfect for a hike!

Picnic in the park after Church on Sunday, the weather was amazing this weekend!

Jack learning a new appreciation for literature, good texture he thinks!

Playing in his saucer. At the beginning of this video he is looking at himself in a mirror. Is he vain or what? ;o)


Libby J said...
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Libby J said...

These are great photos. It definitely looks warmer in HK than Wisconsin. It looks like Jack's hair is growing pretty fast all ready!

Ann Kunkle-Jones

(sorry, I posted before I proofread the first time!)


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