Sunday, November 27, 2011


This past Fri/Sat we headed out to one of our favorite beaches to do some camping. We had one friend and her two boys join us for the day and another friend came with her three boys. It was a lot of little boys running around! Jack is on the bus with his buddies Ben and Isaiah.
Playing on the beach.. kids in the water... moms bundled up in sweatshirts :o)
max "helping" with the fire pit
Making some lunch
SO fun to have friends join us.
 Hike up the hill by the beach

 If only the babies would have stayed on this mat, ha!

 Jack and Bryan emerging from the tent in the morning.
Not sure what Max was upset about....

 Making breakfast: pancakes, eggs and bacon.
 Dirty Max!
 The babies!
 The boys enjoying the beach in the morning.
 Hiking out from our campsite. If you can imagine... this is us about 20 lbs lighter in gear that when we came the day before ;o)
 We finished off the campout with a great pizza lunch in Sai Kung

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