Wednesday, November 9, 2011

should I buy these?

WARNING: LOTS OF PHOTOS! (view at your own risk of seeing too many pictures of us!)
I bought a GROUPON for a $15 photo shoot awhile back. It was a beautiful day when we went out... just got back the proofs.. problem... if I want ANY I have to buy them ALL. The price is $800 HKD, just over a hundred US... should we get them? There are lots more than this, these are just my favorites. These are just taken from a facebook page, so the quality is super low... do I want the DVD of them all in high resolution? Sometimes I feel like I can't get perspective from the inside. Are these any good? Worth the money? What do you think? thanks!



Zogs said...

yes! buy them all! you will not regret it! they are gorgeous!!

Laura said...

BEAUTIFUL! Such a good looking family!!!!

So did you buy 'em?


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