Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hong Kong Krazies-Mong Kok Market

 Dear Mong Kok Market,
We love the fact that you have so much variety and you can find nearly anything in your crowded, narrow streets. We love the fact that when the price quoted is $280, you can offer $50 and have your offer accepted. We love the randomness of the wares offered and the cheap prices (and quality). You offer some items that just can't be found anywhere else. Where else can you find umbrellas that look like water bottles or chili pepper key chains or wigs?
But, really... putting yourself in the most densely population place on the whole earth? We don't love that. The crowds and the pushing, we don't love that... Inappropriate sayings on street signs? we don't really love that. Sunglasses that break after one day (which Bryan may or may not have experienced first hand!), thats a bit much...
Don't worry, we will keep coming back, you have us hooked. We love to look around and always find one or two things to take home. So keep up the good work, keep those streets super crowded and the quality low, and the prices cheap, we will be back!


grandmashredder said...

you need to tell us some of the crazy sign wordage. because its hilarious. its too funny when they try to translate.

Laura said...

Sensory overload! Not sure I could handle the market :)


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