Monday, April 14, 2008

God's Surprises!

Well, it seems our prayers for a baby have been answered, but not in the way we expected! The day after Christmas we found out that we were pregnant! So we are having a baby early Sept! Unfortunatllly this means that the adoption agency here will postpone our adoption until sometime next year. They want to give us time to adjust to the new baby. We are super bummed about that, and still look forward to adopting in the near future. The pregnancy was really rough for the first few months. Emily was really sick and also had quite a bit of bleeding. Things were always good at check-ups though and now at 21 weeks everything seems to be normal and stable! We are really excited about the addition to our family. Your prayers are appreciated!

Here is a picture of the little one on one of our early visits to the Dr.

14 weeks

18 weeks


Matt & Gretchen Weis said...

Praise God! We are so excited for you. What an amazing answer to prayer!

DakotaLover333 said...
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molly s. said...

Hi Emily!
I can't wait to finally have a new cousin! A baby! I am so grateful!
Your niece

jade, trish and halle said...

We are so excited for you guys and we love you so much! We are praying for you and for your sweet baby!! Can't wait to meet them!!

grandmashredder said...

Well, Im still sad about Baby T #1s postponement, but gearing up with excitement about baby T #2. Calli Mae has already signed up for grandma day camp 2010, and I think theres a spot left, so Ill send you an application.


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