Thursday, February 26, 2009

What has Jack been up to?

Jack and I are now over jet-lag, so it's been on to other adventures. Here is what we have been doing.....
Eating a teething biscuit that said for 9 months and up... I didn't know why you should wait, until Jack starting going at it and it began to dissolve :o) He was loving it though until we took it away. Now I know that teething RUSKS are the ones for younger babies, however Jack doesn't like those nearly as well. He has something to look forward when he gets older :o)

Wearing his super cool WI gear he got for Christmas!

Jack loves to spend some time "airing out" after his shower :o)

Fun times back home with dad! Oh, and tons and tons of drooling, as you can see on his shirt :o)

Jack is really into string and tags right now. He doesn't play with his toys, just the tags on them :o) I also made him a ribbon wall, and he loves reaching, touching and grabbing them.

And of course, no day would be complete without lots and lots of sucking... On fingers(ours and his), toys, spoons, cucumbers, hands, pretty much anything he can get to his mouth :o)

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Libby J said...

Bryan and Emily

He sure is a cute boy! Very smiley...I love to see new photos of him and how he is growing.

Thanks for sharing.
Ann and Kemp


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