Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jacks first Easter!

The celebration started last week when we opened a coscerona from Grandma Schroeder. Fortunately for us, I saw all the glitter inside and delayed opening it until we were ready with a sheet! Jack loved touching it and, of course, eating it!

On Easter Sunday Jack got a singing/dancing bunny from Grandma Thompson, who is visiting. Not sure how he feels about it. He looks a little scared in the video below.

Today our moms group had an Easter party and egg hunt for the kids. The baby group didn't really participate much, but Jack LOVED eating the plastic Easter grass in his bucket :o)

Jack and Josiah enjoying their loot :o)
We pray you all had a joyous Easter celebrating the Resurrection of our LORD!


molly sheahan said...

wow!! he looks sooo big...and sooo cute!!!!

Happy belated easter!!



LOVE the glitter pictures! He is getting so big!

Kyle and Sarah said...

so cute! i love the video! he is such a little doll!


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