Tuesday, May 19, 2009

since the last post...

Its HOT here! Wow, summer is upon us here in Hong Kong. Jack and I try and make it down to the pool when ever we can. We were also able to spend Sunday afternoon at the pool with Bryan which was fun. Not too much to share this week, but we always keep busy. Here are the newest photos...
Last week we celebrated my friend Christine's birthday at Ruby Tuesdays. Was so much fun and the three little guys were so good! They made quite a miss though and the floor was covered! We felt bad and cleaned up a little before we left :o)

Here is Jack "Helping" in the kitchen while I make dinner. He was leaning his head SO far back, Bry was able to get a good shot.

Jack loves to pull himself up on EVERYTHING! I am now having to remember to put the lid down on the toilet all the time, because this is a favorite place :o) It bangs like a drum!

He loves balls! He spends lots of time everyday rolling them around and chasing after... the game usually ends when he sends one rolling under something where he can't reach! He also learned this weekend to play with another person and roll the ball back and forth. You can see the fun in this video... We also love how he flaps his arms so much :o)

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Rachel Hamann said...

Ohhhhhhh sweet little Jackers. He is getting so big! And you are getting so tiny! Stop it before you dissapear! There needs to be enough of you to come and visit me this summer! Love you guys.


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