Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lifes a beach!

We have a long weekend with Monday being a holiday, so we decided to enjoy the amazing weather. We went camping on a beautiful beach here in Hong Kong for Sat. night and had a great time. We hiked in to the beach in the morning, with a quick stop off at a rock pool, with a place to jump off. That is where we took the great family pic, where Jack is under the hat :o)

Overlooking where we are going to camp. Bryan carried Jack and I carried all our stuff. They were pretty even loads :o). We didn't bring a tent (rented one out there) or any food (theres a Chinese restaurant on the beach). So we were able to hike in pretty light....

Enjoying a late lunch with our friends and setting up the tent. Then we cooled off with a nice dip in the ocean. Jack had the time of his life. He really doesn't seem bothered by the salt water.

After playing hard, Jack passed out in the tent for a nap! :o)

Here's our early morning sand time with Jack. He slept like a super star during the night (way better than Bryan and I), but was up with the light shortly after 6 :o)
We spent today hiking to an even more remote beach and swimming some more before taking a boat back to civilization. I think we were all glad we didn't have to hike out. What a great way to enjoy the weather, nature, family and great friends!

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fiLi - 安斐理 said...

Looks beautiful. Is that Tai Long Wan?


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